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At hep, we engage in the long-term development, construction and operation of solar power plants at selected locations across the globe. We also design and manage investment funds that invest in the respective phases of the solar projects. This enables institutional and private players to invest in our projects by means of solar funds. The entire value creation process is thus managed securely and efficiently by a single source.


Security is our watchword. Our international team boasts many years of in-depth experience in the field of renewable energy. Working on the basis of realistic forecasts, we have already succeeded in developing a project pipeline that promises long-term returns in economically strong and politically stable countries. We also take great pride in our high-quality process for establishing our plants, which covers all stages from sophisticated project planning and component selection to technical approval. This ensures that plant performance is just as predictable as the amount of power purchased by the utility companies – and every bit as reliable as the sun, our energy supplier of the future.


Even as a medium-sized, owner-run company with a focus on long-term planning security, we nevertheless remain sufficiently flexible to make quick decisions and implement these in any given situation. This represents a substantial competitive advantage, both for us and for you as a client or an investor.


there is no planet b.

Why do we focus on solar energy and related financing? Firstly, it is an area we know extremely well – and we find it important to make use of an energy source that is ethically responsible and does not generate profits at the expense of our planet or its inhabitants. Secondly, we are firmly convinced that the sun will play a key role in the energy industry of the future. After all, solar energy is freely available in unlimited quantities, easy to harness through technology and entirely emission-free.


hep management: our dedication goes right to the top

Our managers have invested a great deal in the company: their energy, their passion and of course their own capital. Thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit, expert knowledge and dedication to this good cause, they provide an excellent foundation for hep to succeed.


From the left:


Matthias Hamann /// Chief Technical Officer (CTO) 

Thorsten Eitle /// Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder 

Christian Hamann /// Chairman of the Board (COB) & Founder


"hep investments are characterised by their support for worldwide proliferation of renewable energy and, what’s more, by their underlying, sustainable concept. The fact that all past hep investments have met or exceeded plans is a testament to this."

- Christian Hamann, Founder